May 2, 2009

Derby Day

Oh, I love the first Saturday in May! And only the lingering memory of Eight Belles tempers the feeling.

I have a yellow Lab mix pound dog; and in my reading after we brought him home I learned that breeders are working hard to prevent the hip problems that are prevalent within the breed. How are they doing that? By not breeding dogs who display the problem.

The day is coming when horse breeders will do the same with thoroughbreds. A few more breakdowns like Eight Belles and economics will force them to.

I disagree with PETA; the first time I saw a winning horse prance back down the track, sneering at the losers, I understood that they love the race and the competition. The inbreeding, though, is causing needless pain and suffering to horses, trainers, and observers. The solution isn't a different kind of track. It's a different mindset toward health and strength.

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