March 5, 2009


I've just added the "We speak your language 2" gadget to this blog. I've run across it a time or two on blogs in other languages and found it helpful. Even though the translations were imprecise, they gave me far more information than I had without them.

What has your experience been with translator gadgets? Are they helpful? Accurate enough? Are there other translation gadgets that work better than the one I'm using?

I appreciate any comments you might like to leave on the topic.


Fahad said...

Hi Mary,

Just came across your blog while searching for translation gadget for my website. Unfortunately I can't add any to my sidebar section yet (my host says!). Am working on it.

All the best.

Mary said...

Thanks for stopping in, Fahad. I went to see your webpage and will check back later to see how it develops. Best wishes to you, too.