March 7, 2009

Rockin' the Bar

Day's Espresso and Coffee Bar was THE place to be in Louisville last night. Not only were five rockin' writers there to read, but in between readings we got to listen to gorgeous music -- dulcimer and voice.

I managed to get photos of everybody but Amanda Arnold. I was accidentally at the back of the room when she got to the microphone to read her short story, and I didn't want to create a distraction making my way back to the table.

The people pictured:
Our gorgeous musicians, Ruth Reed and Erin Fitzgerald.

Kit Willihnganz, who writes primarily for young adults and owns Women Writing for Change Louisville, an encouraging and safe nonacademic writing academy for women.

Aletha Fields,known as the Poet Laureate of Louisville, and no wonder. In one poem she chastises the people who "set up hatred and hallowed it in Jesus' name" followed later by the announcement, "I resist the temptation to hate your evil ass back." A brilliant poet and a brilliant performance.

The dulcimer in action. i thought I got at least one photo where her right hand was in focus, but I must have been hallucinating.

Me clasping my Open Ketter to Aretha Franklin, from which I read excerpts. You can't tell from the photo, but the jacket I'm wearing sparkles, and I had on red shoes, too!

Gioia Patton, who has interviewed everybody you've ever wanted to talk to, including, most recently, Shirley McClaine and Elizabeth (Eat, Pray, Love) Gilbert.

Marie Davis, a novelist and cartoonist whose work appears around the world not only in English but also in Russian, Belarusan, French, and Spanish. Marie was the catalyst, organizer, publicist, and head cheerleader for last night's event, and we are all truly grateful to her for bringing us together.

This literary event was the first held at Day's. They did a great job of hosting, and I'm not saying that just because my photo was on the counter beside the cash register when I walked up to order a cup of coffee.

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