March 8, 2009

Changing and Re-arranging

Notice anything different?

(Please say yes.)

I've spent hours and hours over the last two days changing some of the clunkier bits on my blogs. Primarily I ruthlessly cut the Labels categories, from 150/tumultuous to less than 20/tidy.

I'd like to say that now, as the rain gently falls. cooling and calming the parched ground, I'm content with the work I've done. In truth, the rain carries the noisy clatter of hail with it, and the ground is so far from parched that I'm expecting to get a sewage-in-the-streetsrivercreeksground bulletin any minute now. As I have noticed entirely too often, taking action tends to add, rather than subtract, items from the to-do list. Most pressing? To update my Links on each of the blogs. Some have gone dead; others are on the wrong blog; others need added to help folks who wander my way figure out where to go next.

I'd like to think it will be next weekend before I take on that task. I need to throw myself into getting my tax information together;hanging up the three loads of clean laundry that are piled into one weak clothesbasket; swapping the two area rugs so the lighter, brighter, wilder one is in the living room; and cleaning all the papers currently lounging on countertops, desks, tables, and attractively arranged piles on the floor. Then, too, I have some art that needs to get into the mail, as soon as I do a bit more stitching or otherwise adhering and get them scanned and posted. Once again the choices are clear: the supposedly necessary vs. the desirable.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Of COURSE we noticed.

We do the same thing, obsessively, at irregular intervals. It's a blogger thing, I think.

Now that I've finally moved my own blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress and immediately junked it up, I'm ready to go back and simplify, smooth, and soothe it out. Like you have. Ahh, that Middle Bass sunset is so peaceful.

I'm in the middle of that nasty category/link clean-up currently (you did a wonderful job, btw), then will ruthlessly get rid of certain widgets (and add others?) until I'm finished. For now.

And to answer your other question from somewhere (Facebook?), yes, I recommend moving to WP when you're ready. It's particularly nice to have full control over your blog and especially to have the ability to add pages. It's a fair amount of work if you have a bunch of posts (I had about 500) and I still don't know how to get all the old links changed. But I'm pleased to have made the move.

Mary said...

I'm really quite amazed at my own ruthlessness when it came to labels. I could tighten up a bit more, I suppose, but for now I'm content. "Coffeetable" is the wild card. It will stay or go depending on how often I actually post photos of mine in the next month or two. But I'm thinking I'd like to take photos of every coffeetable I happen upon. Wouldn't that be fascinating?