January 28, 2009

Solid ice, followed by blizzard

When I walked the dog last night, the trees were beautiful. Encased in ice, they glimmered under the street light. This morning it's a whole new world, fat snowflakes falling, blowing,drifting. Kentucky's under a state of emergency. In Louisville, the mayor in a press conference a few minutes ago said there are 263 trees down, 909 power wires down, 53 of the 316 sanitary sewer operations out of power, and 75,000 homes without power. (That last figure is changing rapidly; every time power is restored, another limb falls taking another -- or the same -- line down again. And here I thought all the tender trees went down in the tailwinds from the hurricane in 2008.)

One tree is down outside our front door. Several old hardwoods and a fir tree are down behind a building a block away. The weather reporter on television just had her umbrella snatched by the wind, turned inside out, and thrown down in a snowdrift.

This system is supposed to move out of here in the next few hours. The temperature is now 23, though, so we can expect trees splitting and limbs falling all through the day.

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