January 27, 2009

snow, freezing rain, and sleet

When it comes to winter weather, we've got it all! We had a bit of snow yesterday, followed by sleet and snow in the night, which is now being coated by freezing rain. According to the weather reports, something frozen will continue to fall out of the sky until tomorrow afternoon.

I'm staying in, staying warm, and working toward the deadline on the new book. The push has been on all month. I'm happy to report that it's coming along fine. I gave myself a carrot yesterday; I signed up for a basket-making workshop on Thursday. Now I just have to be far enough along in the manuscript (and the stalled cars need to be moved from the roads) to take those few hours off.

Now back to the keyboard.


Anonymous said...

long time, no blog. send that snow and ice my way. need a day or two at home!

Mary said...

I'm doing the best I can to send it anywhere but here...