January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day, Phase I

I'm glued to the television this morning, except when the dog drags me outside, where it's snowing sideways.

Watching the former presidents come down the stairs was remarkable. They were all radiant and, it was obvious, in high spirits. What a wonderful thing to see.

Michelle Obama and the girls are wearing gorgeous clothes!

Rick Warren was as obnoxious as I'd predicted; Aretha was as fabulous as I thought -- and wins the fabulous hat competition of 2009!

And now I shall go listen to Yo-Yo Ma, whom I adore.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

That was SO the best hat ever in the history of best hats! And nobody else in the world could have worn that one to the Obamacon. It was reserved in heaven for her for just that moment, don't you agree?

Mary said...

Are we talking about Aretha? I know we are! And yes indeed that was a hat for the ages. What a joy to see it, and her. If I'm ever asked to sing at an inauguration, you must promise to go with me to pick out my hat.