December 10, 2008

Sniper Santa, Part III

In my continuing quest to find postcards with the map of Kentucky, I ventured to a number of stores I haven't been in before, including famed Wish's Drugstore in Whipp's Mill Center. This independent store has been in business forever, is a proud sponsor of Keep Louisville Weird, and is filled with products you can't find anywhere else.

Case in point: a Santa-less sniper ornament. The centerpiece of this one is the rifle, with a camouflage ball cap and a set of antlers hanging from the stock.

I nearly broke down and bought this one, not least because I want a photo to illustrate this conversation -- and, also, this ornament was $4.95, compared to $11.95 for the Sniper Santa and $14.95 for the Sniper Nutcracker. Nevertheless, I left it in the store.

I also left behind an action figure, dressed in black, looking like Ken but meaner. He was on sale for $1, which I thought incredibly inexpensive, especially given that his massive machine gun was strapped on in a strategic position just below his waist. Then I found his colleague, who was wearing camouflage attire and had a rifle as tall as he was. And to round the trio of wise men was a Safety officer, recognizable by his bright orange jumpsuit and plastic sign that read "Safety."

Sniper Santa and the Three Wise Action Figures. Sounds like the name of a band.

Rock on.

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