December 11, 2008

Cookie Day and the art of Silvia Habib

Cookie Day illustration by Silvia Habib in December 2008 Today's Woman.

I'm just home from a fabulous luncheon at Tarfi's Bistro on Bardstown Road. Today's Woman, the local Louisville magazine for which I write a monthly column on wellness, put on the holiday event for their staff and writers. It's the annual opportunity for a far-flung group of writers and photographers to meet, greet, eat, and cheer each other on.

(Silvia Habib, who so wonderfully illustrates my essays in Today's Woman, couldn't be there; she lives in Israe. We missed her dreadfully; everybody connected to the magazine delights in her artwork.)

I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to steer you toward my December essay on my own personal favorite holiday: Cookie Day! If you decide to throw a celebration of your own, call me; I'll help you frost the sugar cookies.


Larry Patten said...

Dear Mary Cartledgehayes:

I sent you an e-mail last Spring. No response. Maybe that will be the case with this one also.

Regardless, I wanted to let you know I've finished your memoir GRACE. I'm a United Methodist pastor (on leave) and have used your book for part of my morning meditation time.

You've been my early morning companion since last June. Yup, a page or two a day.

Sometimes you made me cringe and roll my eyes, often I wondered what your ministry would have been like in my conference (California-Nevada, where Leontine Kelly was once bishop), and I generally empathized with your journey (in spite of me being male).

I hope you have joyous holidays!

in Peace,
Larry Patten

Mary said...

Hi Larry! Actually, I did reply. I must investigate. I get emails from people through my website but often my replies seem not to arrive. Maybe the fact that the email address from which I reply is different. I did so appreciate your e-mail. California-Nevada . . . yes, it might have been different. Thank you for your kind words. Mary Jo

marie said...

Hi Mary -- It's Marie -- I've tried to email you -- but it came back -- please send me an email -- I've got a question or two.

that's marie from today's woman, we met at lunch over the word winsome...remember?

Mary said...

Yes! You wrote the book. I've sent you an e-mail!

Anonymous said...

I really, really, really wish the Cookie Day Queen would make me a batch of sweeet, frosted and sprinkled goodness sent from heaven with love.

Your pretty and I Love You!!

Mary said...

Okay, Anonymous, it's time for you to use the cookie cutters I sent you for Christmas last year. Remember? You were going to bake cookies and mail some to me. . . I'm waiting . . .