September 24, 2008

Language and grammar blogs

Oh, what a beautiful morning. And what a wonderful day. Today is my dad's birthday and my compadre's birthday. To top it off, it's also National Punctuation Day.

Talk about a great holiday! The thought of good punctuation gave me such a rush that I went looking for more language/grammar/punctuation sites. They're everywhere! Here are a few of the most enjoyable.

Apostrophe abuse is a blog with photos showing the creativity people bring to apostrophe decisions.

Quotation-marks is a blog that does the same for -- obviously -- quotation marks.

testy copy editors is as much fun to read as the name suggests.

Eek, a typo! brings good humor to a sport that leaves most of us gnashing our teeth.

Finally, try out the Passive Aggressive Notes blog. Photos from around the country reveal the snarliness lying just under the veneer of civilized society.

Now I'm off to buy a present and bake a birthday cake.


Anonymous said...

Mary Jo,
you have been heavily on my mind. Also, I have never really been touched by poetry before but as of late, I have been picking up again and again, Semisweetness and Light. Simply insightful and provoking to me.
Wishing you the best. I am not certain that I have your most recent e-mail. Love Adrianne

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Hi Adrianne! I've missed you. I'm glad the book is connecting with you. Let's have coffee. Lunch. Dessert. Tequila. Any or all of the above. xo Mary Jo