September 29, 2008

This Week's To Do List

For most of my life, I was a steadfast list maker. About a year ago I lost interest in that method of ordering my days, and I stopped. Apparently I've let enough fresh air into my world that making a list feels like a positive thing to do. And I'm posting it because I know that lists like this are little windows on the world and some people enjoy reading them.

Find USB for small camera
Done--Send photo to Zombie University
Done--Car registration
Done--Post office
Done--Finish the 6 postcards
Done--Find bubble wrap for Stairway postcard
Done--Read "Night of the Living Dead" script
Write post about weeks 2 and 3 in Zombie University
Clear out art space
Photograph textile art
Post Jabez/BOW photos
Done--Locate card number 40
Done--Study WOW-womenonwriting site
Done--Add links to bad art museum, etc.
Phone quilting association about interviews of quilters
Write hot flash fan press release
Write book reviews
Finish reading Life of Pi (oh, it's lovely; if you haven't read it, go ahead and do so)
Done--Mail card to Wendy
Done--Post Kentucky Girlhood Project call for submissions info on my other blogs
Done--Post links to mail art calls
Done--Find sign-on information for Open Fluxus*
Pick up dry cleaning
Wrap Tara's birthday presents
Done--Find the hammer
Done--Hang pictures
Oil changed
Car washed

Okay, I didn't really find my sign-in information. I gave up and opened a new account.

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