September 3, 2008

My Un-birthday

I've had a wonderful un-birthday snacking on peaches-and-cream cake and pistachio ice cream while watching the tale end of a zombie movie, the name of which I didn't catch, but it played like a game, with points bestowed and the words "Signal interference" over the screen when the zombies vanquished their quarry. It's all fodder for the acting mill and my role in the mob scene of "The Night of the Living Dead" coming up soon.

All of this un-birthday talk is because yesterday was my birthday. My compadre presented me with a GPS -- and a red one at that. Oh, what a wonderful device. When my daughter was here in July, I got to see how hers worked. Turns out the same woman who lives inside hers lives inside mine. She seems equally disturbed when I don't follow her directions. Last night I keyed in one location to which I was going and then changed my mind and went somewhere else ... in the opposite direction. I'll say this: GPS is committed to getting you where you said you wanted to go, no matter how many times you ignore it when it tells you to turn left.

I took the first few cards in my mail art project to the post office this afternoon. This thing is really happening! If you haven't had a chance yet, stroll on over to my It's Only a Book blog. I'm posting a scan each day of one piece, and instructions are on the blog for how to get one of your very own. (Yes, they're free.)

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