August 26, 2008

Nature Roundup -- Kentucky and Beyond

8/22/08 Courier-Journal, D1, col 1. The Food and Drug Administration is now allowing radiation of spinach and lettuce. Meat, particularly ground beef, has been irradiated for years.
So much for the health benefits of spinach and lettuce. I'm supposed to believe the FDA when it says radiated food is safe? Won't it take a generation or two of people eating it for us to know?

8/22/08 Courier-Journal/Stephenie Steitzer, B1 col 3. Kentucky, which somehow became the storehouse for 532 tons of nerve and blister gases, is on track to destroy all those materials by 2017.

8/22/08 Courier-Journal/AP, A6, col 1. The AP reports that a part of the Arctic thought immune to global warming has a 7-mile long crack. There are stunning photos and videos showing the flow of glaciers into the sea at the Extreme Ice Survey website.

Dan Mongiardo, Kentucky's lieutenant governor, is planning a survey of nature preserves and wildlife management areas with an eye to allowing ATVs into areas where they've been prohibited. Mongiardo and Jane Beshear, the wife of the governor, think rural economies will be helped if more trails are available for "hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders and ATV users." Don Dott, director of the nature preserves commission, thinks ATVs are not compatible with biological diversity. (James Bruggers, Courier-Journal, 8/21/08, B4, col. 1) I'm told that horses are far more destructive on trails than ATVs.

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