August 25, 2008

Long-styled Glade Cress

Focus Pocus by Mike_tn at flickr. com
Focus Pocus
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I couldn't find a photo on of Kentucky glade cress, but here's a picture of its cousin, Long-styled Glade Cress, a. k. a. Nashville Mustard. According to mike_tn, the photographer, the plant is endemic to the Central basin of Middle Tennessee. The plant looks quite similar to a photo of Kentucky glade cress by Pam Spaulding that appeared on the front page of the 8/22/08 Louisville Courier-Journal.

Louisville has a little problem with its own personal cress, Kentucky glade cress. One of the few locations in the world where it grows is McNeely Lake Park, where the city is currently negotiating the building of a national youth baseball camp with up to 25 ball fields. The city says that the cress will be fine, that they'll maybe move it out of the way of development or, if not that, they promise to be really, really careful that nobody steps on it.

James Bruggers' coverage of the environment is always thorough; in this case, he made use of the Kentucky Open Records Act to learn that the State Nature Preserves Commission is "urging the city to protect the plant." Click here to read and subscribe to his blog.

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