July 26, 2008

Live Traffic Map

I don't mean to whine, but it's hard not to when entire continents are ignoring me. I know this because the first thing I check every time I get online is the Live Traffic Map on this blog.

Talk about addictive. In hours, the map went from one red polka dot (mine) to two red polka dots (mine and one from England) to more-than-you-can-see-without-expanding-the-screen polka dots.

However, even a glance shows that nobody in Canada, South America, or Australia knows I exist, or cares. I'm not faulting them. I'm just saying that their indifference hurts my feelings. I have children; I'm accustomed to being ignored; but I've never had entire continents ignore me before. Well, actually, I have, but I never had visual documentation until FeedJit came along.


Susan said...

Oh Mary, here is a canadian that reads your blog, quite regularly actually, but if you are posting at 10:37am, I am long gone as I am up at 5am and finished my blog reading or posting by 8am... I even have you on my rss feed so when you update I am here to read when I know theres something new to read..

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Susan, you're very kind! And I've read some of your writing about quilts, too. Nice to know you're subscribed.