July 26, 2008

At the Last Minute I Caved

AdSense has this new cool little box I can add to this blog that will let you, my esteemed reader, hunt for anything on the web from here. I'm not exactly sure why you'd do that if you, like me, have the google search bar staring down at you from the upper right corner of your screen, but hey! I'm a trendy chick. Or at least willing to give it a shot.

I amazed myself by the speed with which I flipped through the screens. It takes more time, I've noticed, to make up your mind about things when you aren't precisely clear what's being asked of you. This time, though, with the experience I gained from adding each of the other widgets you see on the right of the screen, I completed the tasks in record time ... right up until it presented me with the code for placing the link on this blog.

What was the problem? First of all, it looks to me like all of these entities -- google, blogger, adsense, etc. -- are in bed together, so I expected to click a button that said "Add to my blog." There wasn't one. I had to do the placement mechanically. Which I could have done, except it didn't require one placement. It required two, one to go to the right and the other to go... Well, that was the rub. I don't know where the other is to go, or, for that matter, which option WAS the other. So I did the appropriate thing: I closed the window.

Very often instructions make more sense to me on second reading than on first. We'll see tomorrow if that's the case here.

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