July 30, 2008

How not to write a blog

I've been wandering around the 'net to see what people are saying about how to write a blog. It turns out I'm doing it all wrong.

Apparently before you embark on this adventure as a blogger, you're to make up your rabbit-butt minds what to talk about. Then you're to stick to that subject. That one subject. You're then supposed to devote quality time every day to thinking and writing about that topic. That one topic.

Just so you know. It's not going to happen here.


MG Quilts said...

And, Mary, that is exactly why some of us read your blog. Keep up the good work, er, well, you know what I mean. :-)

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Thank you, mg quilts. The reassurance is lovely! Mary Jo

Anonymous said...

Just found you this morning. Love the Hot Flash Fan tribute blog too!
From one cyberflaneur to another 'Keep on ramblin'!'

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Hi, Melinda! I gotta figure out how to get notified when folks post comments to the blog; I just found your comment a few minutes ago. Thanks for reading!