July 30, 2008

Ad Subtract

They seemed like such nice people. Easy to get along with, well-behaved, with sensible policies spelled out clearly. Like, for instance, the policy that they ban sites where plagiarism occurs. And the policy that their ads aren't run on adult sites. Good stuff.

What AdSense didn't tell me was that they might run an adult ad on MY site. Which they did. It was the second ad on the page, the one with 5 links. I didn't write down the first 2 links, but the last 3 were as follows: naked blog, girl blog, adult blog.

AdSense doesn't want site owners clicking on their ad links, so I can't tell you what the content of those sites is -- but they sure sound prurient to me, and I don't want them advertised on my blog. I tried to rectify the problem at AdSense, but I couldn't find an e-mail link. They do have forums, and I posted about the problem in one of them. I suppose a reader will volunteer an answer later tonight or some time tomorrow, but it's too late for me. I've already deleted AdSense.

Perhaps the advertised links weren't for a triumvirate of sex sites. If indeed they are not, they need to change their names. If they are, AdSense needs to mention ahead of time that they allow such links. It won't change my decision, though. Google has a one-strike-and-you're-out policy -- and so, I discovered tonight, do I.

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