July 23, 2008

Semisweetness and Light -- harps

A friend of mine sent an e-mail last week telling me, apropos of nothing evident in her message, that she hates harps and hopes there aren't any in heaven. I guess she forgot that one of my poems addresses that very topic.

Here are the opening lines of "But There Is an Accordion," from my book Semisweetness and Light (Winterset, Iowa: Goldentree Communications, 2006).

I won't be listening to harps
in heaven. I once attended
a harp concert, and that
was enough of that.

I wouldn't mind listening to God
play the accordion, though...

The book is available at amazon.com, or you can purchase it directly from the publisher by calling 515.462.4004. Alternately, you can e-mail me -- mary@ marycartledgehayes.com -- with the number of copies you want and your location. And yes, I can accept pay-pal.

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