October 12, 2012

Best Present Ever!

Last weekend, I was thinking about my older daughter's birthday, on 10/11/12.  Her daughter, Lizzie, is off for her first semester at college, and I was remembering how I seemed to rattle around the house when my daughter left.  Something was just . . .  missing.  I decided my girl needed December Angel more than I did.

Here's where the "best present ever!" part comes in. I've been organizing and packing and generally putting my hands on every single item in the house, and last weekend what should come upon but a photo of Lizzie as a toddler. I'd found her a red pocketbook (or "pockeybook" as she, and consequently the rest of us, called it) and she was holding it, with glee sparking from every pore.  I photocopied the photo and cut her loose from the background.  Then I grabbed a U. S. map that was handy on the shelf, trimmed out the South Carolina part, glued it to card stock, and glued ribbon around the outside edge.  Then I added Lizzie's photo.  Here are the card and the figurine together in the box waiting to be mailed.
And inside the card I wrote, "Someone to keep you company until your own December angel comes dancing home."
I'm not always this good at giving presents, but when I get it right, I get it really, really right.


Larissa T. said...

Aww that sounds wonderful! I'm sure she'll treasure it and it'll be a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Thanks for linking up Mary! :)

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Larissa, she sent me a photo soon after the box reached her. I think she liked it even more than the time I gave her a saddle blanket for her horse.

Susan said...

I did something similar for my grandson's birthday. I wasn't with him this year, which made me sad, but putting together a card with a photo, of him cut out in a pose, on it was like we were--we both smiled!
Sounds like you have that closeness with your granddaughter. It's such a wonderful experience that next chapter in our lives, XOXO

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Lovely, Susan. xx

Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Awww! "Pockeybook." Snif.

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Yeaaah. We said pockeybook forever and still revert from time to time. I think there's not a boy equivalent. xxoo