July 2, 2012

The Saint Snidely Quilt

 I finished this quilt for my nephew a few days ago.  It's title is "The Saint Snidely Sidewinder and the Unrepentant Uke Boys."
Saint Snidely is the patron saint of ukuleles, vegetarians, mustaches, and the A-Team.

My nephew plays in a ukulele band, and their logo is the mustache on the lower left in the mustache portion of this photo.

Here's the long shot.  I favor just enough quilting to keep the batting where it belongs.  In the case of the cotton batting I used, that means stitching can be 10 inches apart, which is still a little closer than I like.  Even so - this is a picnic blankie and is sure to turn up in the parks and environs of Spartanburg, SC, when Snidely and the gang hit the stage.


Winnie said...

Wow! Love your quilt! Love all the details you put into it. I love quilts, and envy quilters talents. What a lovely piece of art.

Unknown said...

That is very unique and creative! I have always seen more traditional quilts. This is something new and unique. Well done!


Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Thanks, Winnie! I only started quilting four or five years ago, inspired by the fabulous range of novelty fabrics. Love seeing what comes out when I start combining!

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Thanks, Kathy! Put "art quilt images" into your search engine and prepare to be astonished. Incredible work is being done, especially with quilts made as wall hangings.