June 11, 2012

The Art of the Epistle

Dearest, darling Universe,

You know that I love adventures. Going, doing, learning, experiencing the beauty of the world and its inhabitants -- yes, that's what I've wanted for my life, throughout my life, and you have provided it in abundance.

Now, however, times have changed. It's not that I'm opposed to adventure, but given recent events -- which included a bad dog, doctor visits, vet visits, interviews with Animal Control, a conversation with the city lab technician who has access to records regarding the sending and receipt of animal heads to and from Frankfort for rabies testing, not to mention my compadre's hospitalization, plastic surgery, and ongoing physical rehabilitation . . . .   As I was saying, given recent events I am asking, with all due respect, that we change our existing policy on adventures.

I'm not requesting a freeze.

Rather, might the adventures be a bit fewer?

Alternately, might they be farther apart?

Thank you for your consideration.

With warmest personal regards, Mary Jo

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