May 20, 2012

Belle Hits the Big Nine-Oh!

Joanna Belle Harkness (Cartledge), 6 months old
My mother is hitting The Big Nine-Oh!
(now called) Annabelle, 1923, 1 year old

We invite you to help set her day aglow
High school graduation (she had bright red hair)
by sending a Heigh-ho! a Hi-ho! Hello!
My dad shortened her first name to Belle. Photo ca. 1950
She doesn't need chickens, chapeaus, or Bordeaux,
Christmas card, 1981, with Mr. Punch peaking over her shoulder

nor escargot, stilettos, or a new backhoe;
but one thing about which she remains gung-ho
Summer 2003

is hearing from dear friends and loved ones, and sooo . . .

We ask that you send her a card or a note,
a letter, a missive, a poem, a joke,
a picture, a paper, a postcard, a quote,
a jingle, a phone call, a quick anecdote.
Mother, October 2011
No matter the method, she'll be happy you wrote.
Mother, in true islander fashion, still loves getting mail.  And it's a gift that has lasting value, because every time I visit we re-read the cards she's received over the last few years.

Our goal is for her to get 90 birthday cards in the month of May! Please join in the fun! 

Mother remains strong, healthy, and clear on names and relationships. You could help her memory a jot, though, by mentioning if you're a friend of Amy's, or you painted pottery at Island Pottery, or that you own a beauty from Belle's Dolls, or that you're a member of my international fan club.

Here's the address:
Joanna Belle Cartledge
Meadowview, 83 High Street
Seville OH 44273   USA

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