May 6, 2012

The Art of the Bicycle

 Business installation of bicycle art, Spartanburg, South Carolina

 The photos that follow are from Artcycle 2011- a combination of bicycle parts and art -  in downtown Spartanburg. The commissioned artists were Sterling Kenny & Carré Razzano (Woodruff
SC), Greg Leister (Asheville NC); Cody Roberts (Spartanburg), Jim Weitzel (Forest City NC), and Mark S. Woodward (Greenville SC).
And here's the link to Jim Weitzel's website, where you can see more outdoor sculpture as well as his indoor sculpture, furniture, and paintings.

Greg Leister's profile


Chris said...

That's really cool - I have always thought that bicycle design is a really neat field, and now he's taking that to the next level - taking something with a specific design and adapting it to another. I especially like the tree made from wheels (and the red dinosaur, of course, is amazing).

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

All of the artists in this competition were amazing, but I agree with you about using the tires to make leaves for the tree. In person, you couldn't tell what they were made from until you were right beside it: a happy surprise.