April 19, 2012

Thunder over the Ohio River

Saturday is Thunder over Louisville, the kick-off to Kentucky Derby season.  The thunder is two-fold:  the thunder of World War II warbirds and spanking new F-18s in the afternoon and the thunder accompanying what is said to be the country's largest fireworks display Saturday night.  (The same was said about the fireworks over the Hudson River on July 4, 2002, which I watched from the roof of an 8-story building on the campus of New York University.  Which was more impressive?  Well, the NYC folks had two barges from which they were firing; and that night was the only time I've felt a crowd step backwards en masse because the pyrotechnics seemed about to engulf us.
 The question is neither here nor there today, because I'm thinking instead about the best place to go to take photos of the planes in the afternoon.  I was hoping Riverview Park would work, but it seems to be in the lowlands.  I want to be closer to the sky, and God, and mostly the planes on Saturday.  The downtown waterfront is always an option; but I'd rather be away from the crowds.
 I love seeing the barges pass.  Growing up on an island, the freighters were always at a far distance, so I'm surprised each time I see a vessel this large up close.
 Relics nearby.

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