February 26, 2012

Art Project 52-7. Yarnbombing!

I went to the Kentucky School of Art at Spalding University this afternoon to see two art exhibits and take part in the yarnbombing of the pillars between the School of Art and the library/gallery.

I'd never seen a yarnbombing in person. The first time I saw a photo was probably two years ago; in that project, a closed gas station was yarnbombed. Trees are popular subjects for yarnbombing; and not too long ago I pinned a yarnbombed Volkswagen.  The process is obscure unless you're in the middle of it, which is why I gathered up three knitting needles (long story) and half a dozen balls of yarn and headed downtown this afternoon.

If I'd called ahead, I might have learned that knitting ahead of time was allowed, as was bringing scarves or sleeves from sweaters or other already completed pieces.  (What was I thinking? That people somehow knitted pieces directly to / around each gas station, tree, or pillar?  Well . . .  As I said, I had no idea how it worked.)

I have several dozen photos, both of the yarnbombing and from the opening exhibit of a new, bold group of artworks by noted Louisville artist Gwendolyn Kelly.  Tonight I'm posting only the ones showing the scene when I arrived.

(These are the same two women who were knitting in the second photo.)

Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow.

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