February 15, 2012

Project 52 -6. Mardi Gras Float

I went to a Mardi Gras party at Gilda's Club here in Louisville on Friday night.  Each of the people who attended made a Mardi Gras float.  That's mine pictured above.  It's a fluffy sort of float, throbbing with rich colors.  Please note the descending layers:  chickens at the top, a harlequin dancer in the middle, and in the foreground a parasol-protected Mardi Gras duck carrying a whirligig.

 Somebody wandered past and offered me the Mardi Gras duck.  Who could say no?  A bit later the same person offered me what you can barely make out to the right of the real gold I swear it is necklace:  a keychain showing three men clad in thongs pushing a vehicle.  Again, who could say no?  (While at Gilda's club, the trio was hidden behind discreetly arranged tissue paper.)

Here's a better shot:  priceless necklace, men in thongs, orange and purple harlequin dancer.

It was totally the best float in the place, but the grand prize went to a nice little boy whose float featured 3 real mutant teenage ninja turtles. Mine was great, but even I voted for the turtles and also for a float featuring a Barbie doll that seemed to have fallen on hard times.

I took somebody who was visiting for the first time to see my favorite art at Gilda's Club.  It's always a treat, and I visit several pieces whether alone or in company. Strong, powerful, bold art.  Paintings, collage, assemblage, fiber art, quilts:  the walls are alive with energy and also beautiful.

Friday night was filled with art making at top speed and with conversation. A good experience all around.

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