February 13, 2012

Middle Bass Monday: breaking news 1951

Some more items from the January 1951 issue of Erie Island Mirror:

"A couple of hours later a party left Put in Bay for Port Clinton but reported cracks up to six feet wide.  They altered course for Middle Bass and a visit to Lonz Winery.  They were:  NORMAN HEINEMAN; HARRY AND LOUISE HEINEMAN; ETHAN FOX; ART. AND VAL TRAVERSO.  While there they phoned Karl (skinny) Parker and convinced him that they were in Port Clinton."

"Warmer weather has brought several foggy days.  Over 100 people were stranded on the island [South Bass], Jan. 14th.  Next morning, Island Air Service ran shuttle service until everyone was cleared."

"The ERIE ISLE FERRY CO. is contemplating the building of a small boat to replace the Mystic Isle which they sold last fall.  it is doubtful whether the new boat will be available for the Port Clinton run before 1st. July.  However, it will be a decided asset to the whole island when it does run for we will have a more regular service to Port Clinton and possibly more trips each day than it was possible to make with the Mystic Isle.  Besides, it will probably be registered on Middle Bass due to lower tax rate."

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