November 3, 2011

Catawba Island to Middle Bass Island

 In honor of this week's flash trip to Middle Bass (there and back in 48 hours, which would have been 36 if not for a tire blow out), I'm posting photos from my October 17 trip.  Mid-afternoon, Miller's Ferry Dock on Catawba Island, Ohio.  Note the white caps on Lake Erie.
 They made me back onto the boat.  First time.  If I have my way, it's also the last time.  I got new glasses last week, and my peripheral vision hasn't quite caught up to the new state of affairs.  Boat guy stopped me at one point and said, "You've got two inches on this side.  You got about twenty feet on the other side."

"How about I pull up and start over?"

He seemed to think that was a good idea.

Regarding the topic of place in literature, you can see how someone who grew up in this neighborhood would construct a worldview different from someone who grew up in Des Moines or Atlanta. No cornfields.  No mass transit. No buildings blocking the view or the wind or the sun.

The water was rough enough that we approached Middle Bass via the east side of South Bass.  Only the second time I've been on a ferry when that was necessary.

 Water churning behind the boat.

Growing up, I always loved the ferry rides when the water sprayed over the deck.
(My camera lenses work better after a splash of lake water.)  In the background are the remains of the old Lonz's marina.

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