November 27, 2011

Cartledges, circa 1979

Front row:  Amy's David scratching his head, my Jennifer nearly invisible in front of my mother,  my brother's older daughter Sharon, and my Tara.
Back row:  Doug Cartledge, Mary Jo Cartledge, Amy Cartledge Thomas Reidling who looks taller than I am but was three inches shorter (it's the heels!), Belle Cartledge, Douglas and Charlie.

 A mystery photo! I think we're standing at the base of Lonz's hill, and that the building visible to the right is what was the Shop at the Dock. Amy's Michael Douglas hasn't arrived yet, so that makes it the late 70s.  It's possible this is the trip when my good friend Mary Flowers went along, and she would have taken the photo.

I'm smiling at the girls, my dad is smiling at my mother, and Amy is smiling for the camera.  And thus it always was, with one minor blip.  Amy was Miss Ice Fishing Guide Queen in 1963 or 1964, and I went on to win the crown the following year.

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