October 15, 2011

Why I Love Ohio

These photos were taken at the end of August.  I'd stopped at a service station next to an interstate exit, and while pumping gas I noticed how beautiful the sky was.  This sky is Ohio.  Kentucky shares it but without the contrasting gray on days like today.

 Ohio:  wide open spaces.
 Ohio:  wide open spaces with short trees.

 Ohio:  it doesn't all look like this, but most of it does, and that's a good thing.

 Ohio:  corn field in August.  A beautiful sight.

 Ohio:  rustic stuff sitting around being photogenic.

 Ohio:  the water tower in the middle of nowhere against which the rustic stuff leans.

 Ohio:  weathered wood up close.

Ohio: where sometimes you get the feeling you're being watched.

Ohio, where check-out time in this motel is noon; where Laramie is so exhausted from helping me drive last night that she's still in bed; where the dog in the adjoining room has been barking without ceasing for 45 minutes, in between scratching on the door; and where if I'd left the motel half an hour ago I'd already be talking to my mother.

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