October 6, 2011

The President's Address

I've been listening to President Barack Obama.

I'm in my studio adding items to Pinterest; he is in the bedroom on the television. 

He first caught my attention when he mentioned the bridge connecting Kentucky and Indiana.  He's referring to the I-64 bridge over the Ohio River, which was closed in the middle of rush hour a few weeks ago because the steel used was a lower grade than required and is failing.

Louisville is a major part of the east-west corridor; and to lose a bridge is bad.  The only thing that prevents it from being catastrophic is that the steel failure was caught before the bridge collapsed, as I remember one doing in 1967/68 in southern Ohio and more recently in Wisconsin.  Nobody's dead, which is a positive aspect of a dismaying circumstance.

It's also positive that the president has decided to stop placating people how would love to see his presidency go down in flames and would, in fact, rather see our country destroyed than see our first bi-racial president succeed.  The President is calling them to account in this address.  He says they will have to answer to him and also to their voters back home if they refuse the job bill, an instrument that will address some of the massive infrastructure problems in the country as well as the massive unemployment and foreclosure problems.

Talk on, Mr. President.  Be strong, and speak the truth. Get the country working, and then please turn your attention to cleaning up the slime trail being left by the Bank of America.  They're fiddling around, and American families are getting burned.

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