September 13, 2011

End of Summer

Summer is winding down, and I'm greeting fall with a flurry of miles on the Jeep's odometer.  I spent two days with my mother in Ohio (photos to follow), broken up by a night with dear Bea, whose husband died two weeks earlier and whose mother was dying when I was with her.

Returning home, we emptied the storage shed out back, and I brought all of the household things into the house,which set back the settling in by a month or two).

Then I drove to South Carolina to welcome baby Amy Belle Mason Reidling into my own personal arms and to spend quality time with her sisters Alesia and Alanna and with her parents Michael Douglas (my nephew) and Nicole, and to make three quilts, one for each of the girls.

I managed to work in a long afternoon with Terry, a lunch with Brian that lasted well nigh unto last call, time with Mary Flowers and company, and, due to a failure of cooperation between Verizon's GPS system and me, a night with Terry's sister Maureen and her husband Eddie.

I've been taking six-hour naps since I got home and searching for the software that will let me use my scanner.  My compadre turned it up last night, but somehow this morning not only did Google Chrome show up on my laptop without invitation, but Lexmark's software didn't load.

Some lovely autumn arrangements:

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