September 21, 2011


The Saturday before Devin's graduation, I spent a day with Louisville Reiki master Mary Farmer learning the first elements in becoming a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki is a chakra-based modality for healing yourself, other people near and far, and, extended broadly, the world. Animals are said to benefit from Reiki, but I haven't tried it yet with Koko, who is aging and has the genetic joint problems common in Labrador retrievers.  Laramie isn't interested; she's got too much to do.

Michael fell asleep within moments of my beginning a Reiki treatment on him.  I myself fall asleep three chakras into a session when I'm doing a Reiki healing on myself.  And then there's the time I did it for Jennifer, while I was in North Carolina for the graduation.

Jennifer liked it so well that, when I finished, she dangled her right hand over my side and said, "Reiki my hand, Mama."

"Your hand isn't one of the chakras, Jenn," I said.  "I can't Reiki your hand."

"Sure, you can," she said dreamily.  "Go ahead, Mama.  Reiki my hand."

Turns out a hand can, indeed, be Reiki-ed.

This Saturday I'm taking Reiki 2, again with Mary Farmer.  I'm quite looking forward to it.  My friend Brian said, "Do you really believe in that kind of stuff?" and I said, "No, but I believe in the movement of energy, and I believe in love," and both of those things are essential to Reiki practice.They are the definition of the practice, actually.

It is also true that some time after the Reiki 1 class I noticed that I am happy where ever I am -- so happy, in fact, that I have to wrench myself away in order to leave.  In August I wrenched myself away from home to go visit my mother; and in September I wrenched myself away from home to go see my new great-niece Amy Belle and her sisters; and then I wrenched myself away from the joy of their company to return home.  It's a steady joyousness, an appreciation.  Not that I didn't have those feelings before, but now I've rearranged my life in such a way that I pass from one loving setting to another, and even the in-betweens are happy. Is it the Reiki energy realignment that Mary Farmer performed on each of us that was the source of this change? Is it Reiki practice? Is it my excellent therapist? Would I feel this way now even without the Reiki?

I don't know. I don't care. I just know that taking Reiki 2 is the right thing to do.

Be safe, be kind, be peace.

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