August 12, 2011

Amy, whatcha gonna do? singalong

Youtubing.  It's a lot like inner tubing.  You can paddle yourself into all sorts of adventures, including which version of the Prairie League singing Amy, whatcha gonna do to use.

I chose this one because it shows the entire crowd singing along.  Appropriate, it seems to me, that they're celebrating baby Amy Belle's arrival with the rest of us.

My favorite moment in the singalong scene is when the camera sweep catches a young woman turning to look at the woman beside her, who is wearing a striped shirt and has her hands in the air as she sways and sings along.  The young woman looks a tad snooty, as in Why are YOU here?

I know the answer.  She's there because she loved this song when it first came out -- and, with the benefit of age, doesn't care what youngsters think about her actions.  She sings on.

Let us all sing on, about Amy and love and awakenings, births and rebirths, goodness and mercy and beauty.

And now I shall go call my dear friend Terry, who also has an Amy.

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