July 27, 2011


I'm heading up to Ohio to see my mother tomorrow.I intended to go today but decided thatif I were to scan the 40 pieces of mailart I've done in the last two months and the 30 or 50 or however many pieces I've received and post them,I can move the laptop and big old scanner into my studio. 

 At that point, the desk in the living room becomes territory for writing,paying bills, and daydreaming. The style I've settled on,
for the decor buffs in our midst,is Island Farmhouse.And I don't mean Tahiti.

I took this photo of Mother on Mother's Day. Don't you love it when you catch somebody exactly the way you see her? The flowers to her right were from my daughters,and she also had an exquisite bouquet of roses.
So now you know where the familial propensity for happiness comes from.

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