June 1, 2011

Fibonacci 99. Disconcerted


1   Recently
1   I
2   discovered I've
3   spelled two words
5   incorrectly my entire life. Mistakenly,
8   I trusted that "curlicue" had a "q" within
13 and that "ukulele"s second vowel was an "e."
                             "Blind facts" they're called, these
21  facts we know so well we're not easily convinced that we are, actually, wrong.
                              In northern Kentucky a museum depicts humans
34  and dinosaurs living together. The newspaper reports dragons as well.  A friend who visited told me he stepped out of line and was firmly chastized and herded back into place in line.  No wandering on your
55   own.Walk this way -- their way.  Can such a musuem be dubbed a blind fact?  No. Blind faith, perhaps.  Faith that profits from foolish virgins, Sunday school classes and church groups and random families.  And that, my friends, is why we outsource science to India and Pakistan; our blind stupidity has dulled our intellectual edge.

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