May 1, 2011

Fibonacci 93. The End of bin Laden

The End of bin Laden

1    Death/
1    inevitably/
2    arrives with/
3    surprise in its/
5    bag of tricks. Long illness/
8    or sudden death makes no matter; the surprise/
13  has power. The night my father died, Mother said, "It's just so sudden"/
21  and then snorted in amusement at her silliness.  "What am I saying?  He's been sick for twenty years."
         We haven't been/
34  looking for Osama bin Laden anywhere near that long, and yet long enough that the attempt to kill him became more real than the prospect of his death.  We've been after him since 1998,/
55   and today, May 1, 2011, shortly after 10:30 p. m., the news broke.  Ding, dong, bin Laden's dead.  The caves of Pakistan coughed him out, and then somewhere a gun coughed.  Supposedly, a head shot.
         President Obama's press conference will begin soon, but meanwhile I'm told the body is in U. S. hands in Afghanistan. Amen.
                                                       by Mary Cartledgehayes

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