April 9, 2011

The Salvific Import of Poetry Fibonacci 84

The Salvific Import of Poetry

1    If /
1    you /
2    begin to /
3    lose your mind /
5    in a doctor's /dentist's/ ER
8   waiting room, try this trick.
            Write a poem.
13  It can be the finest poem written in the last eight centuries if
21   you're that kind of person.  I'm not pursuing best on such occasions; I simply need a task that keeps me fro
34    chewing off my leg at the ankle and fleeing into the brilliant sun.  So I say, Write a poem.  You can always find paper; and somebody will "loan" a pen or pencil out of
55    their own boredom.
                Why might this work?
                 From the first syllable, you are in command.  You control flow, the rhythm, pace. You control the poem's very skeleton / structure. You own the decision of what it will become in the moment when you own nothing else but a passion to hear that nobody's dying today.

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