March 17, 2011

Fibonacci 70. Dog-Walking Apparel

Dog-walking Apparel

1     Do/
1     not/
2    walk dogs/
3    while wearing clogs./
5     Do not step upon a/
8     knoll of tangled tree roots just when your/
13   yellow Lab is spotting a squirrel five inches away.  As he leaps, you/
21   will tumble.
            Lying full length on the ground, you first must establish whether you're dead, and then whether the chihuahua is/
34    squashed underneath you, and then where the hell the Lab has gone.
          Everyone is alive. The Lab is on the far side of the tree up which the squirrel fled. He's looking toward/
55    you in  "what are you doing now?" puzzlement. Recognize that you hit neither your head nor chin. Slowly arise.  Consider your bones and joints. Brush off the dirt down your leg. Limp home. Take off the clogs and put them in the closet. Notice the headache. It's arrived because you rattled your own brain./

P. S.  I repeat:  do not walk dogs while wearing clogs.
                                                                       Mary Cartledgehayes

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