March 12, 2011

Fibonacci 68. Energy Is Never Lost

Energy Is Never Lost

1     I'm/
1     watching/
2     North Carolina/
3     beat Clemson (perhaps),/
5      in overtime, in the ACC tournament.  Fifty/
8      seconds left in the game, and anything can/
13    happen with the score at 87 to 81. Visions of sugar plums named/
21    Helen and Fred dance in my head.  At Helen's memorial service, Fred told her daughter Terry, "Your mother's not here.  She's at the/
34     basketball game."  Fred wanted me to watch every game, moment by moment, but I'd refuse.
          (Now the score is  88 to 84 with 17 seconds left.  Anything can happen, still.)
           Thus it/
55     has always been in the ACC.  That's why I'd ask him to let me know when two minutes remained, to spare myself the building tension of the total game.
           (Now the score is 90 to 87 with 10.8 seconds left.)
           Fred cut the tournament schedule from the newspaper each year and attached it to the/
89    refrigerator. He'd mark off each game and score.  Even the year he died, quite close to tournament time, he kept up with the games charting.
           (The score is 91 to 97 with 8.3 seconds remaining.)
            My daughter texted me when the teams moved into overtime. Damn if my pulse didn't quicken just like in the old days.
           (Final:  92 to 87.  North Carolina wins.)
           Damn if Helen and Fred didn't arrive when I turned the game on, substantiating again that energy/ passion is never lost to the universe.
                                                                  by Mary Cartledgehayes

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