March 10, 2011

Fibonacci 63. Cigarettes

An impetus for me to quit smoking was seeing a mock-up of a healthy lung and a smoker's lung in a doctor's office. My immediate family has stopped smoking giving it a rest. Most of us (including me) have used one drug or another or one mechanical system or another. In the end, what it came down to was that I didn't care if I had to sacrifice the friendship of everyone I knew and loved because quitting smoking -by which I mean living as long as possible - was more important than people.  (This was before the warnings that if you experience hostility while taking Chantix you should contact your doctor. I had it. I still have it. Get the hell away from me.)


1    Five
1    people
2    I know
3    and dearly love
5    have quit smoking in recent
8    months:  my daughter (December 17); my daughter's fella
13  (February); my fella (November and March), my late sister's daughter-in-law (five months ago)
21  and my sister's sons (March 8). Then there's me.  My last puff was in October, 2007.  My last hankering?  Three hours ago.
34   Habits die hard, and they die long. What matters, though, is that they do die, do die, do die, as Johnny Cash sang so wonderfully; and the faster they die the longer we live.
                                                                                    by Mary Cartledgehayes

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