March 31, 2011

Cereal Box Flap Collage Update. Fibonacci 75

ask why/
I'm building a /
collage from cereal box flaps./
My reasons are myriad, beginning with the absence/
of recycling in my neighborhood, continuing with a desire to save our landfills,/
and ending with the sense of possibility created when small bits of fill in the blank: cardstock, fabric, or cereal boxes)/
appear inexorably in my hands at breakfast each morning.  Someone (I once would have referrred to "some corporation" but now the Supreme Court priviliges them as much as our finest scholars) spent good/
money on designs for the boxes, on the question of whispering or shouting their recycling claims, on the argument over the precise shade of red, blue, lime, yellow, orange, purple.  In this collage, I reify their decisions and reject their mass-market appeal -- although not until one or the other of us has emptied the box./

art become/
mini-market as one
individual comes closer to self-satisfaction.
 by Mary Cartledgehayes

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