February 8, 2011


    scan received mail art
    pick up prescriptions
    pay bills
    make Valentine/Susan B. Anthony cards for family
    co-ordinate hospital / doctor bills and insurance EOBs
    make more mail art?
    start the purple quilt?
    finish pasting cereal box parts to the collage?

Here's a lovely from around the edge of their packaging (soon to be cut up), courtesy of the folks at Magic Hat, where they make Scrumptious Spring Lager:
"Soaring in on shining wings, the season-shifter sings of spring's return.  The revolution blooms again."

On reflection, my issue today is that I want to begin two quilts, but other things are imperative:  the scanning of received art out of respect for the artists; the sorting of medical paperwork out of respect for the checkbook balance. And if I don't pay bills or make Valentines for family, will they be completed and received on time?  These questions may explain the anxiety attack that walloped me when I walked into the kitchen fifteen minutes ago.

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