February 3, 2011

How to Make a Sketchbook, Part Two

1. Decorate the sketchbook cover in a way that both mimics the contents and makes you happy.

2.   Glue a bit of lace here and there.  Do a bit of writing here and there.

3.  Include a photo (lower right) of a 30 x 40 inch collage you made earlier in the year.  Take a photo beside a magnolia leaf candleholder (recieved as a wedding present in 1981 from friend Mary Flowers) to give observers a sense of perspective.

4.  Add jewelry found in the dustbin and stitch metallic cloth over it to hold it in the sketchbook in case the pinbacks fail over time.  Add a bit of hand-stitching with silk thread.
5.  Take a photo of the book on its side so people can see how fat it's become.

6.  Move the book ninety degrees and take another photo of it on its side so people can see how fat it is.

7.  Look through your fabric, mail art postcards, thread, and vintage embroidery one more time in case something calls out to be added to the sketchbook.  Realize it needs nothing further to be perfect.

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