February 2, 2011

How to Make a Sketchbook, Part One

1.  Spread materials on kitchen counter and ironing board.  Open sketchbook to the middle and do the double spread first.  Be so excited at beginning that you can't hold the camera still.

2.  Drag out more materials and read that book about The Simpsons off and on while working to keep your mind engaged and disengaged simultaneously.
3.  Spread out the all of the mail art postcards you've made but not yet sent in case you decide to include some of them in the sketchbook.

4.  Pull out some of your vintage raggedy embroidered pieces for the same reason.

5.  Have no idea what fixatives will be appropriate, so strew several different kinds among the elements already brought forth.
6.  Pile half of what's collected on the ironing board and counter so they're near the sketchbook.

 7.  Glue and stitch things into the sketchbook.  Take a photo when you're about half done.  Also take a break now and then.

8.  Check in with the supervisor from time to time to ensure he approves.

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