February 22, 2011

Fibonacci 52, February 21


1    Years
1    ago
2    I read
3    of a study
5    in which autopsies were conducted
8   on long-married couples to see if any physiological
13  traits were peculiar to such people.  Results showed only one item of significance:
21   the longest married couples' gall bladders had fewer similarities than regular couples.
            If somebody asks you what makes a good marriage, tell
34   them it's nothing but biology, the fearsome drive for survival. The more differences in gall bladders, the more options for differences in a brood of offspring; and thus increased possibilities for survival of at
55   least a few in this harsh and bitter world. I don't know how this information strikes you, but I find immense comfort in knowing life is in truth elementary, that our sophisticated match games and psychological theories -- while helpful -- are not the be-all and end-all of life; and that love and genetics are indivisibly united.

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