February 21, 2011

Fibonacci 50. February 19

We Meet Again

1      Reunion!
1      The
2      fourteen 2010 Casting
3     Casting for Recovery
5      women met at Audubon Country
8      Club to eat, make a scrapbook and collage,
13    exchange silly gifts, and meet the flyfisherwomen from earlier years.  My roommate wasn't
21    there.  Worried, I called her house, talked to her husband. She's being treated now for lymphoma.  When I got off the
34    phone, I was all right, but when I came upon a mutual friend, my eyes got wet. We went to the bathroom and emerged later, brave enough to continue. I won a pink glitter lava lamp
45    and triumphantly brought it home.  Time was I despised lava lamps.  The first one I saw was orange with globs of super-sized yellow chicken fat floating within, and it terrified me in its ugliness.  My new lamp, all sparkling glittery movement, sings of vibrant life.

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