January 14, 2011

Fibonacci Poetry365 . 14 Laramie and the Ice

Laramie and the Ice

1   Buying
1   booties
2   for a
3  dog was never
5  on  my errands list. What
8  fresh insanity struck that day? I'd already lost
13  my sense of self when I bought her the purple coat and, later,
21 the pink sweater with three knitted flowers pearls in their centers, at the right shoulder.  But booties?  Booties cost $16.95 and
34  are a wonder of Velcro and black, water-resistant fiber. If only they'd stay on her feet. We usually leave with four and return with one on a paw and three in my pocket. Yet
55 she is a small dog in a winter of record cold and constant ice. She leaves the house with head held high and tail awhirl, but some days her clothes are not enough.When she shivers, I lift her, hold her tightly. She has her own legs and coat but she's small, the world frigid.

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