January 2, 2011

Fibonacci Poetry 365. 2 For Mudhead Reynolds

For Mudhead Reynolds

1  Imagine
1  blue
2  squirrels released
3  from the nest
5  by a December warm spell
8  chasing madly from maple tree to magnolia tree,
13 eight imaginary blue squirrels leaping to the roof like water up a drain.
                                                                            by Mary Cartledgehayes


Poetry of the Day said...

mind blowing

Mary said...

Thank you. Your site is really nice to visit.

rusvw said...

Love it. Keep 'em coming.

Mary said...

The thing about dailiness is that you get to combine the things rolling around in your head at a given moment. This poem (oh, Lord, she's now going to explicate the damned thing) is a combination of watching baby squirrels chase up and down trees on the same day that Mudhead Reynolds mentioned his Imaginary Blue Squirrel mailart call on facebook. And thus comes art,to my own surprise.

mudhead said...

love it! (thankyou)

Mary said...

You're welcome, Mudhead. Thanks for triggering the poem. xo